The concept of Villa F is characterized by passive sustainability integrated in the traditional architecture of Venice. Villa F is perfectly lengthen on the axis east-west to exploit completely the solar radiation and it is constituted by two sliding volumes that contain the night-time and the day-time zones. The openings in the building are designed in relation with the sun: few and small windows on northern and west facade, while the southern facade is a long glass front completely opened. The porch along the southern front creates a stream of air that refresh the house during the whole summer period. The main facade is characterized by small openings protecting the intimacy of the house and a wood and glass element that is a visible point of access during the day and warm lamp during the night. Furthermore, the west front extends of 15° the regular shape of the building to protect the privacy of the balcony and to exploit the presence of the sun since the first hours in the morning. The architecture is completely designed by the solar journey.

Photo courtesy Giulio Boem