Parametric landscape is an interactive installation built with the waterproof membrane “Superfelt” by Silcart. Visitors receive a folder containing a module of “Superfelt” previously cut and are called to build the geometric shape following simple instructions.The modules, simply assembled without glue or tools, create an hyperboloid structure. It is inspired by natural forms which utilize the minimum quantity of material to obtain the highest resistance. Biomimicry is the science that studies the natural world to reproduce artificially its structure, shapes and materials. The kit-folder permit to people to construct with modular elements, complex parametric structures, in a very simple way. Parametric landscape is a natural metaphor which utilizes natural shapes and organic pattern to draw people to nature and auto construction. For “Parametric Landscape” we collaborated with the french architect Emmanuelle Walter. His research is in graphics includes handmade printed textiles and investigating in shapes, patterns and materials.

Design team and production: Cristiana Favretto, Antonio Girardi, Emmanuelle Walter (
Graphics: Fabrizio Urettini,