Studiomobile is a design office established by Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto in 2007. It conceives the design as a holistic field where blending architecture, art, technology and urban ecology. It is mobile because it shifts among different disciplines involving mixes of software, creative thinking, handicraft, lab-activities, cultural and social research and whatever else is necessary to create multifunctional solutions and innovative imaginaries.

Since 2011, Studiomobile has envisioned WAX as a catalytic place where to produce a fertile context for multidisciplinary creativity. WAX is a platform containing different activities such as digital media, graphic design, architecture and curatorial practices with the aim of provoking the cultural production and improving the creative process by sharing resources and knowledge.

Since 2011 Studiomobile is partner of the art gallery SPAZIO XYZ in Treviso, focused on graphics, design and photography.

Cristiana Favretto was born in Italy near Venice. She has an architectonic and artistic background. She took a degree in Architecture at the University IUAV of Venice. She worked as a designer in Spain and Italy for international offices. She has been working on various site specific and art installations combining nature and technology in “organic machines”. Her work was presented at Venice Biennale 2012. She gave lectures in various Universities in Europe and organized workshops in collaboration with galleries and public institutions. At present she's a researcher at the University of Florence.

Antonio Girardi was born in Italy near Venice. He studied in Spain and in Italy. He graduated with full marks in a five years university course with a degree in Architecture at the University IUAV of Venice, where he has been working since 2006 as an assistant and lecturer in the degree program Building Production and in the degree program Sustainable Design. Since 2011 he has been awarded with a research grant for the PhD degree in Technology of Architecture concerning seawater as a valuable resource.

In 2014 Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto co-founded with professor Stefano Mancuso and the researchers Elisa Masi, Camilla Pandolfi and Elisa Azzarello the start up Pnat. Pnat is an emerging think tank of designers and biologists with the aim of merging plants, research, science and creativity. Mimicking patterns of natural processes lead to face emerging problems such as environmental changes and depletion of resources in a sustainable way. Plants account for 99% of world biomass and have been adapting to changing conditions for 450 million years. Studying their evolutionary processes suggests outstanding methodologies applicable in many fields from design to urbanism and from materials technology to resilient strategies. Pnat uses nature as a model and as a co-worker. It uses bio-mimetic applications as a tool to establish a new design approach and at the same time investigates innovative methods of cooperating with plants to set up new relationships between natural and artificial environments. The work of Pnat covers the fields of sustainable architecture, bio design, education, urban ecology, material engineering.