Jellyfish Barge is the floating modular greenhouse for urban agriculture that generates its own fresh water and energy, using only solar power. It is an affordable, transportable and replicable solution to grow food within the cities. The strength of its design lies in the concept of combining a food production facility with a vital public space, providing both areas for economic activities and for social interaction. Its multifunctional attitude allows citizens to enjoy a weekly marketplace, allows farmers who manage the structure to rely on a profitable business, and creates resilience and social innovation for the community. All these values augment the attraction, relevance and value of the installation area, acting as the engine of regeneration at a larger scale. Thus, Jellyfish Barge is also a business opportunity for the stakeholders of the building industry. Their involvement is strategic to set the process in motion and guarantees the economic sustainability of the project, in a way that combine the private gains of the market activity with benefits for the local community.

Jellyfish barge is a project developed by Pnat